SAGA 64+ Product package

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SAGA 64+ Product package
Packages include:
SAGA data recorder (32+ or 64+)
Docking station
Acquisition software: USB stick including PC Driver and Polybench software
Mains Power Adapter for docking station
Power cable
Disposable snap-on electrodes (50 pieces)
Patient ground electrode cable (2 pieces)
Set of wristbands for the patient ground
Common reference snap-on electrode cable
Optical fiber cable (10 m)
Data recorder battery (1 piece) and charger
USB cable and digi input trigger cable
SAGA bracket including two straps
User manual
There are also a wide variety of peripheral sensors available – GSR, RSP, 3D or SpO2 / PPG.

Available trigger cables include 1-bit BNC to DIGI in, 16-bits to DS Trigger in, PST Chronos integration, as well as 1-bit sync out to BNC.

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