SAGA 128+ HD-EMG Product package

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SAGA 128+ HD-EMG Product package
Package includes:
2 SAGA 64+ data recorders
2 Docking stations
Synchronization module, makes one SAGA data recorder a "slave" of the other recorder's clock for perfect synchronization
2 Docking stations
Acquisition software: USB stick including PC Driver and Polybench software
2 Mains Power Adapters for docking station
2 Power cables
2 Bags of disposable snap-on electrodes (50 pieces)
4 Patient ground electrode cable
4 Wristbands for the patient ground
2 Common reference snap-on electrode cables
2 Optical fiber cables (10 m)
Data recorder battery (2 pieces)
2 USB cables and digi input trigger cables
2 SAGA brackets including straps
User manual
There are also a wide variety of peripheral sensors available – GSR, RSP, 3D or SpO2 / PPG.

Available trigger cables include 1-bit BNC to DIGI in, 16-bits to DS Trigger in, PST Chronos integration, as well as 1-bit sync out to BNC.
Note: These SAGA amplifiers will record EMG only, but can be upgraded at TMSi to record EEG as well.

Additional information

Weight 15.00 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 8 in