LiveTrack MR-Safe Camera (excludes eyetracking functionality)


LiveTrack MR-Safe Camera (excludes eyetracking functionality). – An affordable video eye tracking camera which provides real-time images of the eye inside the MRI scanner. A live video stream from the eye tracking camera is available via an NTSC output.

– MR safe camera suitable for eye-tracking operates at 60Hz
– Integrated IR illumination source
– Mounts directly on the head coil
– No scan artifacts up to 9.4T
– TTL-compatible trigger input port for data synchronization
– Compatible with LiveTrack-MR dedicated eye tracking hardware and other eye tracking systems utilizing 60 Hz on NTSC video.
– Filtered power supply mounts outside the pentration panel and provides filtered DC power to the camera.

This infrared sensitive camera and IR illumination source permit operation in total darkness. The illumination source is mounted within the camera housing and positioned close to the eye. This helps to provide more robust tracking compared to remote solutions.

Shielded Copper Cable – The camera uses carefully shielded and filtered circuitry to isolate the video signal from the MR gradients and RF pulses.

Flexible Head Coil Clamps – A very flexible, articulated arm and plastic clamp that work with many birdcage/bar head coil designs is available. It is allows the camera to be sited in many locations, but often at the expense of being within the subject’s field of view.

A full range of bespoke mounts are also available at additional cost and are highly recommended; they include a cold mirror so that the camera can be positioned completely outside the subject’s field of view. This optical design makes the setup for each observer fast and repeatable and provides the optimum optical alignment for robust tracking.