LiveTrack AV MRC 12M-i Camera Filter Box

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The powering of the LiveTrack AV camera and LED is arranged via this filter box. The camera/LED is connected to the filter box with the shielded camera connection cable which includes the power and the signal lines.
The filter box prevents the transmission of disturbing signals into the MR cabinet. It avoids interferences in the video signals and the MRI imaging.
The filter box includes a low pass filter that suppresses frequencies higher than 1 MHz with over 100 dB. This filter prevents damage and interferences caused by the high frequency signals of the MR scanner. In addition, the filter box includes an optical isolation of the video signals. In that way
a full separation of the MRI equipment from the external power network is guaranteed.
Note: The filter box is only suitable for the camera 12M-i with integrated LED. Connecting the standard 12M or CS camera to this filter box will destroy the integrated electronics.
Dimensions: 80 mm x 120 mm x 80 mm
Weight: approx. 700 g

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