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LiveTrack FM Fixation Monitor / Eye Tracking System is an affordable video eye tracking system which provides real-time estimates of eye rotation, direction of gaze coordinates and pupil size. A live video stream from the eye tracking camera is available concurrently with the data so you can visually monitor and check your observer’s behavior throughout the experiment.

– Monocular and binocular eye tracking at 60Hz
– Extremely fast setup time: camera mounted in streamlined case placed below any monitor includes an integrated IR illumination source.
– Designed to work with any typically-sized display
– TTL-compatible trigger input port for data synchronization
– Dedicated eye tracking hardware with USB output makes integration with your software very easy. Works with Presentation, ePrime, MATLAB, Python and your own custom software
– Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
– Infrared Optical Path

By using an infrared sensitive camera and IR illumination, the eye tracker is able to operate in total darkness. The illumination source is mounted within the camera housing and positioned close to the eye. This helps to provide more robust tracking compared to remote solutions.

Dedicated Image Processing – A self contained image processing computer analyses the video signal and identifies the pupil and corneal reflection. The video image stream, tracked eye position and pupil size data are all returned to the host computer across a USB interface.

External Trigger Input – A separate TTL-compatible signal is recorded with the eye data for easy synchronization.

***LiveTrack can be used with either Windows or OSX. Must specify which OS when ordering. ***

Customer needs to use this with a chin rest.

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Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 20 in
Charges Status Bond