Dual Brite MKIII package

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Dual Brite MKIII package. Package includes: 2 Brite MkIII system units configured to work in tandem for up to 54 channel measurement, three head caps with equidistant positions marked or prepunched holes (please specify preference), sufficient optode holders to equip one head-cap, large travel-proof Pelicase, 14-15 inch laptop with preinstalled software, software on USB, 1 software license key, starters kit, Bluetooth receiver (80m).

– TECHNOLOGY Continuous wave Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy (NIRS) using the modified Beer-Lambert law
– RELATIVE MEASURES Oxy-, deoxy-, and total hemoglobin concentration changes
– CHANNELS Up to 54, depending on optode templates chosen
– SHORT SEPARATION CHANNELS Short channels at 10 mm with multipower gain control
– MULTIPOWER GAIN CONTROL Choose between 4 different power levels to improve your recordings or select the auto-power setting
– TRANSMITTERS 10 LEDs, each with 2 wavelengths
– RECEIVERS 8 photodiodes
– WAVELENGTHS Standard 760 and 850 nm, custom wavelength possible
– AMBIENT LIGHT CORRECTION Proprietary algorithm to filter out ambient light
– OPTODE HOLDERS 3 available heights to improve skin contact
– DIMENSION Battery housing: 75x75x30 mm. Head caps available in multiple sizes: kids version (from 2 years old) and adults (XS – XL)
– TOTAL WEIGHT Less than 550 grams including battery and head cap
– ENVIRONMENT Operating temperature: 10 – 35 °C
– INDICATORS Power, measuring, battery status, Bluetooth
– POWER Up to 3 hours with with fast-charging battery, charging with power bank possible
– SAMPLE RATE Up to 150 Hz
– ORIENTATION SENSOR 6-axis motion sensor: 3x Accelerometer (x, y, z); 3x Gyroscope (x, y, z)
– DATA COLLECTION & STORAGE Online, online 100+ hours, local back-up of data
– DATA ANALYSIS SOFTWARE OxySoft, Optional: 3D extension
– EVENTS Online, offline or PortaSync
– HARDWARE SYNC OPTIONS PortaSync, parallel cable, serial cable, LabStreamer
– SOFTWARE SYNC OPTIONS LSL, DCOM (e.g. Matlab, E-prime, Presentation)
– NIRS + OTHER MODALITIES Available additional cost options: Brite + EEG package (32 channels and other options available)
– Brite + tES (STARSTIM)

Advantages of Brite MkIII over Brite MkII:
– Larger processor housing accomodates a more powerful processor, larger battery, and new more stable bluetooth radio
– New bluetooth protocol allows for increased stability during online measurements, and lower power consumption

Advantages of the Brite MkII over Brite24:
– Multi-power gain control – allows the user to measure at 4 different power levels and auto-power settings, thus improving the recording of brain activity across a wide range of ages, skin color, hair type, cortical optode distance;
high-resolution data visualization and export;
– Flexible optode template – enables users to select specific optode template (up to 54 channels with the possibility to enable more combination of channels upon request) in any cortical area of interest and according to their preferred layout;
– Optimized ambient light correction– allows the use of Brite MKII in almost any environment, including outdoor, office, lab, and hospitals;
Improved OD dynamic range – increased system sensitivity allows to measure a wider range of OD ~ [0.01 up to 8.00];
– Lower noise – reduced system noise, enabling the user to acquire data with higher accuracy;
– Flexible interoptode distances – No matter if you want to measure shallow or deep, any distance from 10 mm up to 55 mm is now possible.

Optional additional-cost add-ons to consider:
– Additional optode holders to fully equip the three included caps (highly recommended)
– PortaSync (highly recommended)
– 2x short channel package (2x replacement optode 1:4 and 8x optode holder)
– Stand-along package to permit the second Brite MkIII unit to be used on its own (additional computer, software license, Bluetooth receiver)
– Additional head-caps in various sizes and optode holders to equip the additional caps
– Brite MkIII 24-bit upgrade
– Brite body mount
– Brite frontal headband
– Maintenance plan beyond the first year

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