Starstim 32 – Wireless EEG + tES System with GOLD Warranty (5 years)

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Starstim 32 – Wireless EEG + tES System with GOLD Warranty (5 years):
The best in class wearable and wireless 32-channel system with tES stimulation and EEG monitoring capabilities.

The Starstim package contains all the components required to perform an EEG monitoring or stimulation session, and some additional items that may be useful during your experiments.

1 x NE012S 20/32 – Starstim 20/32 Necbox (20 for the 20 channel model, or 32 for the 32 channel model)
1 x NE055 – Power Adapter & Plug
1 x NE014 – Curved Syringe
1 x NE015 – USB Stick with Manuals & SW
1 x NE016b – Electrode Gel 250g
1 x NE017-20/32 – Electrode Cable Set 20/32 (20 for the 20 channel model, or 32 for the 32 channel model)
1 x NE031b – USB WiFi Dongle
1 x NE033 – Saline Solution 100ml
1 x NE038SS32 – Testboard Head Starstim 32
4 x NE039 – Testboard Cable
1 x NE019S32-M – Neoprene Headcap (M)
1 x NE164+NE172 – USB Isolator & Extension Cable
1 x NE025-P – Electrode: Sticktrode (Bag of 50)
4 x NE026a – Electrode: Sponstim 25
8 x NE026b – Electrode: Sponstim 8
20 / 32 x NE029 – Electrode: NG Pistim (20 for the 20 channel model, or 32 for the 32 channel model)
1 x NE027 – Electrode: Earclip
8 x NE032 – Electrode: NG Geltrode

Benefits – Starstim 32 is not only a pioneering wearable and wireless 32-channel tES stimulator and EEG monitor. It is also a platform ready to integrate in your lab workflow, providing user-friendly tools for defining precise waveforms, montage design and EEG analysis. Not to mention the lifetime support you receive to ensure the success of your project.

The Only Wearable Wireless tES-EEG Device – Starstim 32 is beyond comparison in its class when it comes to simplicity in setup as well as comfort for its users, from children to the elderly. The comfortable headcap, device attachable to it, electrodes and cables are all optimized to allow you to prepare even complex montages within a few minutes. The NIC2 software provides relevant information to additionally facilitate your work, such as impedance control.

Multi-step Multi-channel Programmable tES-EEG – The easy-to-use NIC2 software interface allows you to design multi-step protocols that can be executed with a single click. Stimulate with fully parameterizable tDCS, tACS and tRNS waveforms for your bipolar, high-definition (e.g., 4×1) or advanced montages with up to 32 electrodes. Customize the electrode positions in standard 10-10 system. Add EEG monitoring steps before, during or after stimulation. Then, visualize your protocol in real-time.

Unparalleled tES Safety – Starstim 32 redundant safety layers ensure at all levels that the tES currents you defined match standard safety guidelines (2 mA per electrode, 4 mA in total max). The NIC2 software interface allows for impedance pre-check and continuously reports the impedance values during the session. Too high impedance measurements result in automatic stimulation abort while a manual abort option is available at hand.

Convenient & Precise EEG Analysis: Real-time and Offline – With 24-bit EEG recordings, you can draw precise conclusions based on data files before, during and after stimulation, using EEGLab plugin, Python EEG analysis libraries, or standard file type readers (EDF+ or ASCII). For monitoring of brain activity in real-time, the NIC2 software interface offers multiple configurable time-frequency analysis displays including scalp and cortical mapping.

Advanced Visualizations of tES Field Distribution – The NIC2 software interface offers the fastest and most precise simulation of the electric field distribution. Developed by our research experts using Finite Element Method (FEM) modeling, it displays potential, electric field magnitude and electric field components, offering the rotatable and zoomable 3D brain visualizations.

Custom and Remotely Adjustable tES Waveforms Execution – Starstim 32 allows delivery of user-designed arbitrary current waveforms for each stimulation channel. They can be combined with the standard waveforms while ensuring precision and safety. Additionally, with a software add-on you can adjust tES waveforms in real-time allowing for effective closed-loop and open-loop experiments.

Double Blind Study Mode – Starstim 32 systems offer an end-to-end solution for fully reliable double blind studies. The NIC2 software interface allows for automatic generation of sham versions of the protocol and adjustment of its parameters. The whole system can be run in the special password-protected mode – minimizing the information presented on the screen for the definitive blinding of a researcher and study subject.

Lifetime Customer Support & Multiple Warranty Options – By acquiring Starstim 32, you enter the Neuroelectrics® family. We will take care of you and your devices with free lifetime customer support and one-on-one expert assistance. With our Gold Warranty option, you get 5 years of coverage for your device and a unique temporary device replacement service.

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