BESA® Statistics 2.1: cross sub anlys of ERP, SWF, Image, and TF Data

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BESA® Statistics 2.1: cross subject analysis of ERP, SWF, Image, and TF Data (requires BESA hardlock, sold separately) – First License.

BESA Statistics provides optimized, user-guided workflows for cross-subject analysis of EEG / MEG data. The statistical method used is parameter-free permutation testing on the basis of Student’s t-tests (Maris, E. and Oostenveld, R., 2007). The program is maximally user-friendly. All analyses are computed automatically with user-interaction minimized to defining time and / or frequency ranges of interest. Statistical values computed in BESA Statistics can be directly used for scientific reports. No further analysis in other programs is needed. All results are visualized and can be directly used for publications.

BESA Statistics integrates optimally with data that were analyzed in BESA Research, but it can also process data from other software packages as long as they conform to the BESA Statistics file format.

BESA Statistics will automatically identify clusters in time, and if applicable frequency and space that show significant and stable differences between two groups or conditions. Results are corrected for multiple comparisons as only those data periods will be marked significant that survive the data re-shuffling of the permutation test. Thus, results obtained by BESA Statistics are objective and robust.

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