EMSE Source MRI Software License – Academic and Government

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EMSE Source MRI Software License – First License – Academic and Government (Includes USB Hardlock).

EMSE Source MRI includes all of the functionality of EMSE Data Editor + as well as the ability to perform various inverse solutions using individualized BEM, FEM and spherical head models (in individualized coordinates or MNI space). EMSE Source MRI includes all of the functionality needed to read and segment individual MRI, construct individual realistic BEM or FEM head models, and visualize results in the context of individual MRI slices or with respect to 3D head and brain surfaces extracted from the individual MRI for each participant.

EMSE SOURCE MRI may be used for discrete or distributed dipole source analysis from EEG or MEG data. Three shell spherical models or realistic individualized or standardized head models may be used for field calculations. 3D source estimates may be 3D rendered and visualized on realistic individual or standardized head and brain surfaces or in slices derived from individual or standardized volumetric MRI datasets.

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