FOMRI-III – Fiber optic microphone to capture speech in MRI

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FOMRI-III – Fiber optic microphone to capture speech in MRI. FOMRI-III MRI Microphone, DSP, Dig. Out, 3 TTL.

Clarity – MRI’s most advanced adaptive noise cancelling microphone:
– Crisp, clear speech with very low latency
– Automatic noise reduction with four selectable modes
– Inherent low self noise, wide bandwidth, a high dynamic range, and high directivity
– Dual orthogonal phase and amplitude matched pressure gradient optical microphones, arranged to – capture input sound at the precisely the same location
– Field-proven where the most robust noise cancelling is demanded

Integration – Intelligent integration at every level:
– Hear precisely what is being said in the bore, in real time
– Fully compatible with all MR scanners
– Microphone attaches and detaches in seconds from any RF coil
– Console’s small footprint makes it standard control room equipment
– Complete set of input and output connectors supports full integration with MR synchronization and recording devices
– Bundled recording and post-processing software optimized for MRI scan workflow

Plug-and-Play – Simple, intuitive control; just connect and start working:
– Operator console with robust, built-in loudspeaker and adjusting knobs for manual override
– Built-in advanced DSP with three selectable noise reduction modes
– Analog and digital connections for output recording to a PC or USB storage device
– BNC input connections for synchronizing speech with up to three TTL signals in real time
– Advanced, popular OptiMRI™ software included
– Designed for ease of use in research centers, hospitals and clinics

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Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 20 in