MR Confon Starter f MKII system (inc. one headphone)

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MR Confon MRI-Safe communication, starter F Mk II package (incl. one headphone)

Modular audio uni and optional bi-directional communication solution helps participants cope with MRI-related acoustic noise and also can be used to deliver calibrated auditory stimuli for fMRI

Provides both research and clinical users versatile control over auditory stimulus presentations. It offers the flexibility to choose from various headphone designs, microphones, and bespoke amplifiers.

The circumaural, closed-back headphone is available in a number of sizes and cable routing arrangements to suit different headcoil designs. It offers superior gradient noise dampening compared to simple pneumatic, air tube solutions. Where space permits, soft, memory foam cushions can be inserted between the head and contact points of the coil to provide even better isolation, reduce bone conduction and improve patient comfort.

A unique electro-dynamic driver uses the magnetic field of the MRI scanner to drive the headphone membrane. This results in powerful speakers with an excellent frequency response across a wide range. An additional piezoelectric driver can be fitted to some designs, which enables those headphones to be used outside the bore too.

Bespoke stereo amplifiers are perfectly matched to the filter set and headphones; all designs have digital optical inputs to connect the signal source. They are easy to operate for routine clinical use, yet still offer sufficient flexibility and control of auditory stimuli for fMRI. The comprehensive Starter f mkII+ design can drive two headphones, external speakers, and supports a participant microphone. It has a digital I/O interface to support direct integration with the MRI scanner and third-party equipment like AudioFile. It can even be controlled from a computer.

A compact scanner operator microphone sited in the console room can be combined with an Optoacoustics noise-cancelling version mounted to the headphone to provide clear, simultaneous, bidirectional communication.

Several headphone options exist, and these options determine the final price of the system. *** Note: Unless you have a quotation that identifies the configuration as being suitable for your particular scanner make/model, the quoted price may or may not represent the cost for a suitable configuration for you. ***

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