ActiveTwo Trigger Port Splitter for LiveTrack Lightning

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ActiveTwo Trigger Port Splitter for LiveTrack Lightning. Accepts 8-bit DB37 trigger input on input B (D37F), and routes triggers to LiveTrack Lightning via output D (D25F) and to ActiveTwo via output A (D37M). Also, accepts 5 bits of data from LiveTrack Lightning indicating whether gaze meets ROI specifications for the left ROI and the right ROI, whether each eye is being tracked, and whether the participant has blinked. These additional five bits are transferred to the most significant byte of the ActiveTwo Trigger port via output port A and encoded in the EEG record. An additional port labeled C (D25F) carries 8 parallel wired data bits from input port B. Port B is the only input to the device. Port C is an output only, and port D is hardwired as both input and output for LiveTrack Lighting. D37F pins 1-8 = DB37M pins 1-8 = DB25M pins 1-8. DB37F pin 37 = DB37M pins 37 and 14-16 = DB25M pin 10. DB37M pins 9-13 = DB25 pins 14-18. A straight-through DB25 to DB25 parallel cable is required (sold separately) to transmit data to LiveTrack Lightning.

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 10 in