LabStreamer hardware for remote synchronization and validation using LSL

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LabStreamer hardware for remote synchronization and validation using LSL.
When working with any stimulus generation system, it is absolute necessary to verify that stimuli are being delivered exactly as specified. With Presentation® and LabStreamer®, verifying the consistency of your data has never been easier. Using the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL), a software toolkit that synchronizes and validates data from off-the-shelf devices, LabStreamer® offloads the difficult task of analyzing your experiment for any stimulus-delivery inconsistencies.

Features include:
– 0.1 ms measurement accuracy
– 10 kHz 4 channel parallel input
– Multiple channel options, including:
– Phototransistor (included)
– Audio Left and Right
– Touch generator (cable and electrodes included)
– 4 general analog inputs (-5 to 5 V)
– 8 general digital outputs (0 or 5 V)
– LSL input stream
– Wired or wireless (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz) network connectivity
– Power (and ground) for mobile devices with a power USB port
– Configuration, control, and display via a web interface:
– Oscilloscope Panel: 4 analog and 1 digital channel, scalable, triggered by LSL events
– Latency Histogram Panel with statistics
– Adjustable channel parameters
– Digital output configuration
– Latency Chart
– Network Induced Uncertainty Chart

LSL Stream Output in the form of:
– Raw data
– Latencies and event data
– Messages
– US or EU power supply

Use cases include:
– Measuring the timing performance of your stimulus generation system
– Converting analog input to thresholded digital output
– Acquiring analog input and generating LSL streams
– Measuring latency on analog input devices

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