CRS Color Toolbox for MATLAB

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CRS Color Toolbox for MATLAB – The CRS Color Toolbox for MATLAB provides a set of functions and graphical tools for color vision science. The toolbox was developed in collaboration with Dr Caterina Ripamonti (CVRL, UCL, UK) and contains the essential tools to simplify measuring, calculating, manipulating and displaying calibrated color visual stimuli.

Toolbox Features

– Spectroradiometric measurement of computer-controlled displays using SpectroCAL
– Colorimetric and physiologically based color space visualization, translation and manipulation routines
– Full source code and documentation
– SpectroCAL Measurement Control Panel

The Color Toolbox uses the SpectroCAL to accurately measure the spectral characteristics of a computer display and subsequently enable the specification visual stimuli in colorimetric and physiologically based color spaces.

– Simple to use graphical Measurement Control Panel
– Measures spectral radiance, total radiance, photopic and scotopic luminance, chromaticity, color temperature
– 2D plot of spectral radiance, other values tabulated
– Spectral radiance for each RGB output exported to MATLAB workspace
– Display Device Calibration, Transfer Function Measurement and Characterization

A new set of measurement and curve-fitting functions are provided that implement a robust and accurate gamma correction procedure for the ViSaGe and Bits# devices using ColorCAL MKII and SpectroCAL. Unlike purely photometric and colorimetric solutions, the two devices work together to characterize the properties of the display over its full range. This means inaccurate measurements due to poorly implemented photopic filters are avoided. The toolbox implements a new set of cone sensitivity based color spaces especially designed for vision science. There is even support for the new CIE 2007 functions.

Simple to use graphical Measurement & Characterization Control Panel
– Automated measurement of transfer function characterization across full-scale range
– Provides a set of robust curve-fitting techniques to model a range of display device technologies including CRT and LCD displays
– Transfer function accounts for Dark Light
– Color Space Calculation, Manipulation and Translation Routines

A complete range of colorimetric and physiologically based color spaces can be calculated and visualized using the Color Space Explorer and the spectral radiance measurements provided by SpectroCAL.

– Graphical visualization tool
– 2D plots of display device Spectral Power Distribution
– 2D and 3D plots of color spaces
– Choice of conventional colorimetric color spaces including CIE 1931 2°, CIE 1964 10°, CIE 1976, CIELUV, CIELAB
– Display theoretical maximum and measured gamut
– Choice of physiologically based color spaces with different cone fundamentals
– Includes support for Stockman & Sharpe, Smith & Pokorny
Display theoretical maximum and measured gamut based on a selected white point (SML, MacLeod-Boynton, DKL)
– Pick and display a patch of color from the selected color space using ViSaGe or Psychtoolbox for Windows

Toolbox of MATLAB Routines for Color Vision Research

An entire suite of color space calculation, manipulation, visualization and transformation routines are supplied as MATLAB M files. Full source code and documentation is provided allowing you to verify the veracity of our algorithms.

Additional routines are supplied for use with the ViSaGe system to make it simple to define and display stimuli in colorimetric (perceptual) and retinal (physiological) measurements. A demo script is provided to show how to implement a cone-isolating stimulus using silent substitution.

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