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BOLDscreen MR safe 32 inch display for 7T fMRI – We have engineered BOLDscreen from the ground up, to provide the superior image quality necessary for vision research: super high brightness, high contrast, high resolution visual stimuli. It’s the only display with no time lag, integrated calibration and, of course, no interference with the scanner, even when positioned right at the exit of the bore.

Superior image quality:
BOLDscreen has a digital DVI input and can be driven just like the LCD monitor on your desk, with standard software tools. Simply run the provided 20m optical fibre DVI cable through the waveguide and plug into your control room host computer, for high fidelity, noise-free displays.

We have designed BOLDscreen with custom electronics deliver your stimulus direct to the screen – output is lag free and synchronous to the input video signal. Other LCD displays designed for patient entertainment in MRI typically use TV technology and video scan conversion which deliberately interpolate the input, producing an image which may look easy on the eye, but is unsynchronised and smeared with respect to the input, and therefore of limited use for precision scientific applications.

BOLDscreen incorporates a high resolution 1920 x 1080 IPS panel with 120Hz refresh rate, with native 10-bit display with support for up to 16-bit resolution using custom CRS dithering schemes. Grey to Grey response time is just 5 ms.

To achieve the image quality required for scientific visual stimulation, we illuminate the panel with a unique super bright, LED matrix backlight. The backlight has excellent spatial uniformity, typically 2% over central 75% of display area. We have also incorporated real-time calibration that ensures consistent luminance immediately from switch on, and automatically compensates for the usual drifts in brightness due to temperature changes and aging. Unlike other displays, with BOLDscreen, what you put in is what you get out!

Easy to install and integrate:
BOLDscreen’s 32 inch display is designed to provide maximum field of view when sited at the rear of a 60cm bore and viewed via headcoil mounted mirrors. The image can be automatically left-right flipped, to cancel the flip caused by the mirror. The low voltage DC power supply is safe to install within the scanner room, and the fibre optic DVI video input passes through the waveguide, to your computer in the control room.

An adjustable tripod is supplied as standard, and other styles of stand are available, or VESA compatible mounting points enable fixed installation on the wall of the scanner room.

BOLDscreen can be used in conjunction with equipment form various other manufacturers, and integrates neatly with our eyetracker, audio system, response boxes and other Made for fMRI accessories.

No interference with scan:
We are the only manufacturer and vendor that provides a MRI Safe LCD monitor that you can site anywhere inside the MRI room, even directly at the exit of the rear of the magnet bore so that you can maximise the visual field of view. BOLDscreen has no observed effect on functional and structural MRI scans at 7T, even when located at directly at the exit of scanner bore, and no effect on displayed image whilst scanning.

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