Display++ FPR (passive 3D) with Glass IR Touchscreen


Display++ 32 inch FPR (passive 3D) LCD + GG IR Touchscreen for standard laboratory environments (non-MRI).

Display++ makes it simple to display calibrated visual stimuli with precision timing, and provides robust and reliable synchronization of the stimulus presentation with external data collection equipment, at an affordable price. Configurable contrast resolution combined with fast panel drive rate, custom lag free electronics, and a scanning LED backlight are some of the tools that make Display++ ideal for cognitive, psychophysical and neurophysiological investigations of vision and the brain.

– High quality 32” 1920×1080 IPS LCD
– 120Hz panel drive
10-bit RGB native, configurable up to 16-bit using temporal dithering algorithms
-Viewing Angle of 178 degrees (up, down, left and right) at a contrast ratio > 10
– Real time calibration ensures accurate luminance, regardless of the effects of warm up and ageing
– Hardware gamma correction tables and CRS colour management system ensure accurate colour reproduction over the entire gamut
– Light output is synchronous and lag-free
– Scanning backlight to minimise transition artifact
– Contrast ratio 1400:1
– 5ms grey-to-grey response time
– 2 stereo modes: alternate frame with active shutter glasses, or flicker free with passive FPR glasses
– Touchscreen option
– Multiple synchronous TTL trigger outputs
– Analogue I/O option
– Integrates with CRS audio, eye tracking and behavioral response devices, and compatible with solutions from other vendors.

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