DepthQ 360 DLP Grayscale 360 Hz Projector


DepthQ 360 DLP Grayscale 360 Hz Projector

The DepthQ® 360 is a greyscale DLP projector that outputs luminance frames at 360Hz.

Key technical features:

– 1280×720 pixels (16:9; 0.55 in TI DMD)
– Analogue VGA input
– Greyscale luminance output only (no colour)
– 360Hz frame rate
– 8-bit greyscale resolution
– Linear transfer function
– 2500:1 contrast ratio
– Brightness 2000 ANSI lumens
– Syncs to any graphics card that can produce 1280×720 RGB video @ 120Hz

The DepthQ® 360 is a greyscale 1280×720 DLP projector that outputs luminance frames at 360Hz. Developed in collaboration with scientists at HHMI Janelia Farm, this novel display solution was engineered specifically for rendering high temporal and spatial resolution images for vision research. Use it with ViSaGe, or Bits# and Psychtoolbox for wide field of view visual neurophysiology studies or combine with FE-1 goggles to create immersive, stereoscopic environments.

Technical Description

The DepthQ® 360 is a single chip DLP projector with no colour wheel. It has a standard analogue VGA input and will synchronise to any computer graphics card that can produce 1280×720 24 bits per pixel RGB encoded video at 120Hz (i.e. screen resolution 1280×720, frame rate 120Hz, 16.7 million colours). It outputs 1280×720 8 bits per pixel greyscale displays at up to 360Hz. By sacrificing all colour capability, additional luminance temporal resolution is obtained.

– 360Hz control is achieved by encoding the usual RGB planes in each 24-bit video frame as three unique 8-bit greyscale sub-frames (i.e. the Red channel is now sub-frame A, the Blue channel is now sub-frame B, and the Green channel is now sub-frame C). Note that sub-frames are transferred from the graphics card memory to the projector in the usual RGB order but are output by the projector in the order BRG.
– Each 8.33ms input frame of 120Hz RGB video is output as 2.78ms sub-frame 1, 2.78ms sub-frame 2, 2.78ms sub-frame 3.
– Each sub-frame is separated by 100 microseconds of darkness.
– All 1280×720 pixels on the DMD update simultaneously with no scanning.
– There is a fixed 20ms latency between the input and output.
– There are no added luminance frames or other contrast enhancing effects.
– The usual nonlinear processing of video frames to add a CRT-like gamma function has been deactivated in the projector firmware as much as possible.
– The projector has a highly linear transfer function with no observable hysteresis.
– Further firmware modifications al

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