FE-1 Goggles


FE-1 Stereoscopic and Binocular Vision Shutter Goggles. The FE-1 shutter goggle design utilizes ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) technology.

This provides:
– 100 µs switching times
– 1000:1 contrast ratio
– 25% open shutter transmission

The performance of standard TN liquid crystal type shutters, particularly the closed state transmission, is affected by temperature. Our ferro-electric liquid crystal shutters are specially manufactured to operate at 24°C for optimum performance and will change state in under 100 microseconds. Most off-the-shelf FLC devices are quite small. Therefore our custom shutters have an extra large aperture to provide a good field of view. The adjustable goggle mounting can be worn over normal spectacles, and is electrically isolated for subject safety.

The FE-1 goggles can be driven by the ViSaGe or Bits# stimulus processor in synchrony with their monitor configuration, or with any computer graphics card that has a dedicated VESA-compatible stereo output connector. The CRS MATLAB Toolbox includes full support to control the individual shutter states for complete experiment control. A secondary output allows you to observe the test using a pair of low-cost LCD or similar shutters.