Metropsis Visual Function Assessment Unit

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Metropsis Visual Function Assessment System Core: Includes: Display++, Psykinematix licence for Display++, Metropsis Licence, Metropsis Remote Licence, Metropsis protocols. computer hardware excluded.

Precise, repeatable, low cost psychophysical measurements. Metropsis is a complete test suite suitable for clinical research, applied vision research, drug trials, screening, sports science and human factors research. The tests have been developed to investigate diseases of the eye and the brain, as well as changes in visual functions as a secondary effect of systemic disorders, such as cardiovascular diseases or neurological dysfunctions.

Test protocols include:
– Visual acuity
– Spatial & temporal contrast sensitivity function
– Colour discrimination

The new version of Metropsis is an integrated visual assessment unit combining the latest display technology with custom software. The system is ready-to-run: no programming or prior knowledge of psychophysics is required to administer the tests, and the results and their graphical representation are immediately available upon completion of the test.

What makes Metropsis technology so accurate and consistent?

The Metropsis system generates and displays visual stimuli using Display++, our new 32" calibrated LCD monitor, which is designed from the ground up for scientific applications. Display++ has custom LED backlight and a FHD 1920×1080 IPS LCD panel which supports 120Hz panel drive and up to 16-bit colour resolution. The intensity of the backlight can be adjusted manually and the required peak light output set in calibrated photometric units across a wide range: mesopic and photopic levels are directly supported, and scotopic levels can be achieved with an ND filter. The monitor is calibrated, characterised and gamma-corrected at the factory and has an integrated real time calibration sensor system, which means that there is no need to perform any additional measurements. The monitor is remains calibrated over time and is ready for use immediately from switch-on. The unique Display++ properties allow you to display visual stimuli with a high spatial and colour resolution, and change their properties on a fine scale. Ultimately, this means that you will be able to measure more precise and consistent visual thresholds and accurately monitor their changes over time.

– 21.5" iMac
– iPad AIR 2
– 2TB backup drive
– Color printer
– RB-540 response box

Optional extras:
– Direct interaction with the stimulus: Display++ Touchscreen
– Head stabilisation: Eyelock chinrest
– Fixation control: Livetrack FM
– Motorized height adjustable table: Hercules table

Additional information

Weight 125.00 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 48 in
Charges Status Bond