ViSaGe MKII (hardware only)

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ViSaGe makes it simple to display calibrated visual stimuli on a CRT-based computer monitor with precision timing, and provides a robust and reliable mechanism to synchronise the stimulus presentation with external data collection equipment, including button boxes or eye trackers, motion trackers, electrophysiological amplifiers, and MRI scanners. It is the ideal choice for cognitive, psychophysical, and neurophysiological investigations of vision and the brain.

Why do I need ViSaGe?
Getting from that brilliant insight to the crucial experiment can be the hardest part of any research project. The choices for visual stimulus generation can be bewildering, but false starts waste your time and money.

Computer graphics seem the obvious solution, but it's not always that simple. Most systems are really designed for games: they are difficult for novices to program and unsupported by the manufacturer. Often their dynamic range is limited, with inadequate contrast and colour control for experimental applications, and timing is unpredictable.

You need the ViSaGe advantage:
Real-time driver for Windows guarantees frame-synchronous presentations even at 100Hz+ frame rates
14bit colour and luminance control with integrated support for gamma correction and colour calibration
Dedicated PCI Express framestore to buffer sequences of precalculated images
Integrated digital I/O interface for controlling third-party equipment like electrophysiological amplifiers
A choice of MATLAB programming for total flexibility, or use pre-programmed experimental paradigms.

ViSaGe is the Gold Standard visual stimulus generator and is based on 20 years of development. It has been used in literally thousands of experiments worldwide and is cited in the leading peer-reviewed journals.

ViSaGe will integrate easily into your laboratory setup and can be combined seamlessly with our other products and peripherals to provide a customised solution to your research needs.

ViSaGe offers accurate frame-based timing, and precise luminance and colour control.

The CRS Toolbox for MATLAB is our recommended software tool for programming the ViSaGe. Its interactive script language is very easy to learn, and our high level routines extend MATLAB and make it easy to control the ViSaGe and other CRS equipment in powerful and familiar ways.

The Visual Psychophysics Engine provides a suite of pre-programmed experimental paradigms for ViSaGe. The simple and intuitive interfaces are user friendly, and sufficiently flexible for most research applications.

The Cambridge Colour Test provides a rapid means of screening subjects for colour vision deficiencies, or examining changes in colour discrimination.

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