PowerMAG Application Software – PowerMAG Control

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The PowerMAG Control software enables a quick and clear treatment setup. In addition to integrated standard protocols for depression or tinnitus treatment, custom protocols can be set up very easily using the intuitive user interface. Settings such as the individual motor threshold, stimulation protocol and the stimulation location can be assigned to individual patients and saved. Free text fields allow you to enter additional information about the patient (such as medication).  Calling up personalized settings is outstandingly helpful and time-saving during repeated sessions.  In this software, the following parameters can be displayed or controlled:

Display and storage of:
– Individual threshold value
– Treatment progress
– Type of coil
– Location of stimulation
– Coil temperature (only display)
– Percentage of the individual motor threshold
– Patient name
– 2x free fields for further treatment information 

Control of:
– Pulse intensity
– Frequency or duration of pulse
– Pulse shape
– Pulse polarity
– Pulse sequences

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