PowerMAG Double coil PMD70-pCool-SHAM

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PowerMAG Double coil PMD70-pCool-SHAM.

The PMD70-pCool-Sham coil is designed to execute a blind and double-blind study. This coil has a minimized magnetic field strength, thus enabling the coil to not stimulate the brain, and only stimulate the nearest area (such as scalp) which produces the twitching sensation. Moreover, the coil generates identical sounds compared to the active TMS coils and has a similar weight. By giving the same sensation as other active coils, this sham coil is the ultimate tool for investigating the placebo effect of TMS.

pulse length 160 µs
max. field strength n.a.
no. of windings 2 x 10
windings diameter 2 x 70
weight 1,4 kg
cable length 2 m
integrated navigation points 4
performance* 4000

Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 36 × 36 in
Charges Status Bond