Articulating arm for cart (or desktop) – clamp-on

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Articulating arm for cart (or desktop) – clamp-on. This boom arm is perfect for EEG or NIRS use. Designed to fit unobtrusively into your lab, this easy-to-use and continuously adjustable boom arm gives you full 360-degree reach to relieve strain and to bear the weight of on cables/fibers so that your participant's neck does not have to. It has a stable horizontal and vertical reach of nearly three feet! Hook-and-loop wraps keep your cables out of the way, and a set of attachments provide multiple mounting options for your stand.

– Perfect for EEG or NIRS use.
– Supports up to about 3 lbs.
– Full 360-degree rotation gives makes positioning easy
– Maximum horizontal reach of up to 32" and maximum vertical reach of up to 33" provide ample coverage
– Supplied hook-and-loop wraps keep your mic cables tucked neatly out of the way
– Desk clamp attachment provides mounting to desks as thick as 2.16"
– Insert attachment provided for use with standard desk inserts up to 2.75" thick

Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 36 × 36 in
Charges Status Bond