Fastrak Electrode Localization

Fastrak - fast, accurate 3D position measurement and motion tracking

Electrode position measurement

The Fastrak 3D Digitizer is the most accurate electromagnetic tracking system available, and it is the perfect solution for localization of electrodes and body landmarks in preparation for the coregistration of surface measured potentials with anatomical/functional images in EMSE Suite or BESA. Fastrak is controlled by the Locator software, which acquires and displays 3D position measurements for electrodes, fiducial landmarks and other points on the body surface.

Fastrak uses patented low-frequency magnetic transducing technology, so there’s no need to worry about maintaining a clear line-of-sight between receiver and transmitter. This powerful technology eliminates the problem of signal blocking and interference that distorts sonic and laser devices.

Best of all, Fastrak, coupled with the Locator software, is a very fast way to measure electrode positions. Consider this — your total time commitment for electrode position measurement is approximately 2 seconds per electrode (roughly 2 minutes for 64 channels or 4 1/2 minutes for 128 channels).