PowerMAG TMS System

Incredible versatility!

  • Very short pulse length (160 µs full wave), and selectable pulse shape: half wave and full wave - positive and negative
  • Pulse modes: single pulse, double pulses (ppTMS devices), rTMS, TBS (100 Hz devices), trains, ramps, ramp trains, custom made protocols
  • Free setting of every single pulse (shape, orientation, intensity)
  • Invertible coil current direction

PowerMAG TMS System

So Precise!

  • MRI-guided navigation with unique integrated navigation points on coil.
  • High pulse precision and stable timing.
  • Stable output power through all stimulation patterns (single-pulse, rTMS, Trains, Theta-burst, QPS).
  • Coils with extraordinary temporal and spatial resolution.
  • Reproducible and exact pulse dosage with 0.5% accuracy.

PowerMAG TMS System

Most Advanced Design

  • Protocols such as Theta-Burst and Quattro-Burst.
  • Recharging technology to avoid disturbing e.g. the EEG signal
    and allow high frequency TMS.
  • Superior shielding avoid interferences by mains noise
    and the stimulation pulse.
  • Wide range of exchangeable cooled coils.

PowerMAG TMS System

So easy to use!

  • Application-oriented coil geometries for maximum comfort: less coil heating and audible noise
  • Free control of stimulation parameters (USB, analogue & digital interface, triggers in/out).
  • Easy integration with existing laboratory equipment.
  • Easy head positioning and setup for MRI-guided TMS.

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