SAGA 32+ / 64+ EEG

Wireless, low-cost, user-friendly, shielded EEG

  • 32 or 64 channels of high-quality EEG plus sensors at 4kHz, in a fully wireless, wearable form factor
  • Red Dot Design Award Winner!
  • Low cost despite research-grade design and construction
  • Easy setup and maintenance with the TMSi Infinity head cap
  • Amplifier and head cap are designed for durability and longevity
    • Amplifier is resistant to dust and liquid ingress
    • Head cap is ultrasonically welded - literally seamless

SAGA 32+ / 64+ EEG

Includes everything you need for your research

    • SAGA amplifier system for EEG
    • SAGA Docking Station
    • Battery charger and one battery
    • SAGA carrying bracket and 2 belts
    • Polybench software package for data acquisition
    • TMSi wristband for patient ground + patient ground snap cable
    • SAGA Suitcase

Infinity head caps of all sizes are available, as well as peripheral physiological sensors! (GSR, Sp0₂, etc.)

SAGA 32+ / 64+ EEG

Wireless EEG with research-grade data quality

  • Fully wearable, wireless form factor while retaining superb data quality
  • Powered by two batteries in wearable form, which can be changed during recording
  • Can also be docked for use in the lab, with streaming via optical fiber
  • Docking also checks and repairs wirelessly streamed data, ensuring no data points were lost
  • Lends flexibility for whatever your research entails!

SAGA 32+ / 64+ EEG

Multiple modality data collection simplified

  • SAGA EEGs are compatible with all Artinis NIRS products!
  • Simultaneously measure electrical and hemodynamic activity of the brain
  • Configurations available for 1-112 channels of NIRS
  • Electrodes can be easily integrated into the NIRS head caps, some systems with co-located sensors
  • Both the SAGA EEG and NIRS system record synchronously into the same software!
  • Systems are always separable - multiple labs can combine resources for NIRS/EEG, while retaining their own systems

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