Sophisticated stimulus timing solution

  • Analog sensor inputs produce TTL digital outputs
  • TTL outputs precisely temporally linked to physical stimuli with minimal delay and jitter
  • Universally compatible with any experimental control software that supports a serial interface
  • Compatible with any physiological recording system that supports serial or TTL triggering

So Many Signals!

  • Audio, photocell, pressure, microphone, response buttons, and digital port inputs
  • Adjustable thresholds, TTL output durations, channel modes (raw, decoupled, rectified)
  • Save and recall full system presets
  • 8 internally generated TTL signals, 8-bit passthrough
  • TTL outputs transmitted via 16 parallel lines can be interpreted as two bytes or independent bits

Oscilloscope / DAQ

  • Integrated 8 channel DAQ / oscilloscope
  • TracerDAQ software included for 2 channel bench testing and continuous recording
  • Live data interface with NeuroBS Presentation and other software supporting MCCDAQ Universal Library
  • Optional software upgrade available at additional cost for monitoring/recording more channels at higher precision

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