SAGA – 32, 64 or 128 channel EEG or HD-EMG

This year, we have developed a strong relationship with the electrophysiology equipment manufacturer Twente Medical Systems International (TMSi), based in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. Their team is a group of sharp and caring individuals who will help us to bring the best research technologies to you!

TMSi’s flagship system, the SAGA, is a 32, 64, or 128 channel amplifier for EEG or EMG at up to 4 kHz. The system has a 1-bit trigger in and out ports, and a 16-bit trigger in port. It’s actively shielded (guarded), preventing motion artifacts and interference from environmental EMF. The SAGA consists of two parts – the amplifier itself, and a base station. The base station connects to the data collection computer, and the amplifier can communicate with the base station via direct electrical connection (docked mode), optical fiber, or Wi-Fi. The amplifier can also record directly to internal memory for offline recordings. The amplifier can hold two batteries, but only needs one to operate. This allows for battery changes mid-recording if need be. For EEG we offer the Infinity head caps, with only one cable between the amp and cap, made of extremely comfortable yet durable material, and soft-touch electrode cups made to hold gel in place. Water-based head caps, TMS compatible head caps, and electrodes for ear EEG (cEEGrids) are also available. Additionally, the system can be directly integrated with the Artinis fNIRS devices via ring or pin electrodes, with both the fNIRS and EEG systems recording into the same software. As for EMG, there are a wide variety of high-density electrode grids available. The first version of the HD-EMG grids are PCB grids, made of flexible but not elastic thin plastic, in large and small 64 channel configurations. Recently released are the textile HD-EMG grids, made of an extremely flexible fabric. The textile grids do a phenomenal job of moving with the musculature, allowing for the highest quality EMG measurements possible. There is also a break-out-box available for custom montages of surface microelectrodes.

Software options include a GUI-based program called the Quick Recording Application (QRA), which is under the Polybench umbrella. Interfaces are also available for Python and MATLAB. Here are Cortech, we have been working to make our EMSE Data Editor analysis software compatible with the TMSi systems! Compatibility was implemented in the latest working versions, and will continue to be improved.

The SAGA is a phenomenal system for those needing wearable or tabletop EEG or EMG, lending high flexibility, data quality, and ease of use. Ask for more information today!

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