Solutions for Vision Science

We're sorry to miss our awesome customers at VSS this year, but happy to see V-VSS proceeding!

We are your Cambridge Research Systems sales and support representative for North America, and your source for vision science, eye-tracking, fMRI displays / audio / response devices, and other high-performance tools for vision research. See the low-cost / high-performance LiveTrack Lightning eye-tracker, Display++ calibrated LCD display, and more at the booth. We also represent the high-resolution, wearable Artinis Brite24 fNIRS and Biosemi ActiveTwo EEG. We look forward to seeing your excellent talks and posters. Drop us a line to say, "Hi!"

Here is a funny little video from Cambridge Research Systems that deftly outlines the most salient products in their range for our VSS customers!

What We Offer for Vision Science Research

Here are some of the products we'd like to highlight for the VSS audience:

Display++ LCD Monitor Cambridge Research Systems Display++

Display++ makes it easy to display calibrated visual stimuli with precision timing, and provides robust and reliable synchronisation of the stimulus presentation with external data collection equipment, at an affordable price.

Livetrack Lighting 500 Hz Eye-Tracker

LiveTrack Lightning for accurate, precise estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze coordinates and pupil size at 500Hz. Ideal for oculomotor research, LiveTrack Lightning is both easy and fast to setup, requiring minimal calibration.

BOLDscreen 32 LCD for fMRI

SD-VS-CBBSTAM Our BOLDscreen monitors are the only "MRI Compatible" MR Safe displays with no time lag, integrated sensor for luminance calibration and, of course, no interference with the scanner

A Host of Other Tools

About VSS

The Vision Sciences Society is a nonprofit membership organization of scientists who are interested in the functional aspects of vision. VSS was founded in 2001 with the main purpose of holding an annual meeting that brings together in one forum scientists from the broad range of disciplines that contribute to vision science, including visual psychophysics, neuroscience, computational vision and cognitive psychology. The scientific content of the meetings reflects the breadth of topics in modern vision science, from visual coding to perception, recognition and the visual control of action, as well as the recent development of new methodologies from cognitive psychology, computer vision and neuroimaging.

VSS Mission

The Vision Sciences Society is committed to progress in understanding vision, and its relation to cognition, action and the brain. Our primary goal is to host a yearly meeting where both new and established investigators from diverse disciplines and scientific perspectives present and discuss their work in a relaxed informal setting. Our interdisciplinary nature is reflected by the Board of Directors and Abstract Review Committee.

VSS Scope

The Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society has a broad scope, encompassing the field of vision science. This field draws on a range of disciplines, including visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience, computational vision and visual cognition; our central goal is to understand how vision works and is used. The meeting showcases presentations that advance this aim. The meeting also welcomes presentations that report on vision-relevant topics in allied fields. For background, visit the VSS website.