How can I arrange for a repair?

Before you send anything to us for repair, please contact us so we can assess the situation and be sure that is the best course of action.   Once you have exhausted all available options, we may authorize you to return an item for repair.  At that point, see the steps below under “How to arrange for a repair”.

Many potential questions and problems are covered under the manufacturers’ warranties for the products we sell.  As a general rule, if the item you are trying to use is not broken, then support for that item would either be provided as a part of the original purchase agreement or under an extended service level agreement. See the Service Level Agreements page and the Warranties page for details.

If you feel that you need additional training in the use of the equipment or software that you purchased from us. Please review the upcoming training opportunities under Workshops/Seminars on our Events page and let us know if you do not see a workshop or seminar that covers the topic in which you are interested.

How to arrange for a repair:

  1. Review the User / Operator Manual and/or context-sensitive help provided with the product to determine as best you can whether a repair is needed.
  2. See the on-line FAQ documents.
  3. Contact us to receive additional assistance in identifying possible solutions that may not necessitate the return of the product.
  4. Please provide us with the serial number and the model number of the item you request assistance with as well as the data of purchase and the name of the purchaser or your customer account number.
  5. Ask us for an “issue number” and refer to that issue number when corresponding with us about this problem.  The issue number will become the “work order number” if a repair is undertaken and the “invoice number” if the repair results in a bill for parts or services.
  6. Write a note describing the problem you are having with the part and include it in the package with the part you are returning.  We need to be sure that we are focusing on the same problem that you have been experiencing to do the best job of reporting back to you on the status of the product.
  7. Be sure the note you include with the shipment references the date of purchase, name of purchaser or customer account number, the address to which repaired parts should be shipped (must be a physical address with a phone number and person’s name for FedEx to accept it).
  8. Wrap any electrode contacts in a paper towel to be sure that they stay dry and to insulate them from metal parts on the connector.
  9. Package the product carefully in the original packaging or a comparable container.  Use plenty of packing material (preferably bubble wrap or packing peanuts) to cushion the goods and ensure they do not move around inside the box while it is in transit.  For help on how to package your goods, see the document “How to Pack” at
  10. Ship the goods via traceable courier service to our address and notify us that the package is en route.
  11. When contacting us to check on the status of your repair, refer to the issue/work order number.

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