Where can I find the coordinates of the 128 channel caps based on the 5% system defined by Oostenveld and Praamstra?

The positions in these caps come from the Oostenveld and Praamstra 5% system.  See http://robertoostenveld.nl/electrode/ for background and for links to electrode coordinates in a variety of formats. Depending on what software you are using for analysis, we might be able to provide another file format. The Biosemi channel assignments (relating electrode labels to electrode sites in the Oostenveld and Praamstra nomenclature) are below:

Chan1 A1 Fp1
Chan2 A2 AFp1
Chan3 A3 AF7
Chan4 A4 AF3
Chan5 A5 AFF5h
Chan6 A6 AFF1h
Chan7 A7 F9
Chan8 A8 F7
Chan9 A9 F5
Chan10 A10 F3
Chan11 A11 F1
Chan12 A12 FFT9h
Chan13 A13 FFT7h
Chan14 A14 FFC5h
Chan15 A15 FFC3h
Chan16 A16 FFC1h
Chan17 A17 FT9
Chan18 A18 FT7
Chan19 A19 FC5
Chan20 A20 FC3
Chan21 A21 FC1
Chan22 A22 FTT9h
Chan23 A23 FTT7h
Chan24 A24 FCC5h
Chan25 A25 FCC3h
Chan26 A26 FCC1h
Chan27 A27 T7
Chan28 A28 C5
Chan29 A29 C3
Chan30 A30 C1
Chan31 A31 TTP7h
Chan32 A32 CCP5h
Chan33 B1 CCP3h
Chan34 B2 CCP1h
Chan35 B3 TP9
Chan36 B4 TP7
Chan37 B5 CP5
Chan38 B6 CP3
Chan39 B7 CP1
Chan40 B8 CPz
Chan41 B9 TPP7h
Chan42 B10 CPP5h
Chan43 B11 CPP3h
Chan44 B12 CPP1h
Chan45 B13 P9
Chan46 B14 P7
Chan47 B15 P5
Chan48 B16 P3
Chan49 B17 P1
Chan50 B18 Pz
Chan51 B19 PPO9h
Chan52 B20 PPO5h
Chan53 B21 PPO1h
Chan54 B22 PO7
Chan55 B23 PO3
Chan56 B24 POz
Chan57 B25 PO9
Chan58 B26 POO9h
Chan59 B27 O1
Chan60 B28 POO1
Chan61 B29 I1
Chan62 B30 Ol1h
Chan63 B31 Oz
Chan64 B32 Iz
Chan65 C1 Fpz
Chan66 C2 Fp2
Chan67 C3 AFp2
Chan68 C4 AFz
Chan69 C5 AF4
Chan70 C6 AF8
Chan71 C7 AFF2h
Chan72 C8 AFF6h
Chan73 C9 Fz
Chan74 C10 F2
Chan75 C11 F4
Chan76 C12 F6
Chan77 C13 F8
Chan78 C14 F10
Chan79 C15 FFC2h
Chan80 C16 FFC4h
Chan81 C17 FFC6h
Chan82 C18 FFT8h
Chan83 C19 FFT10h
Chan84 C20 FCz
Chan85 C21 FC2
Chan86 C22 FC4
Chan87 C23 FC6
Chan88 C24 FT8
Chan89 C25 FT10
Chan90 C26 FCC2h
Chan91 C27 FCC4h
Chan92 C28 FCC6h
Chan93 C29 FTT8h
Chan94 C30 FTT10h
Chan95 C31 Cz
Chan96 C32 C2
Chan97 D1 C4
Chan98 D2 C6
Chan99 D3 T8
Chan100 D4 CCP2h
Chan101 D5 CCP4h
Chan102 D6 CCP6h
Chan103 D7 TPP8h
Chan104 D8 CP2
Chan105 D9 CP4
Chan106 D10 CP6
Chan107 D11 TP8
Chan108 D12 TP10
Chan109 D13 CPP2h
Chan110 D14 CPP4h
Chan111 D15 CPP6h
Chan112 D16 TPP8h
Chan113 D17 P2
Chan114 D18 P4
Chan115 D19 P6
Chan116 D20 P8
Chan117 D21 P10
Chan118 D22 PPO2h
Chan119 D23 PPO6h
Chan120 D24 PPO10h
Chan121 D25 PO4
Chan122 D26 PO8
Chan123 D27 PO10
Chan124 D28 POO2
Chan125 D29 O2
Chan126 D30 POO10h
Chan127 D31 Ol2h
Chan128 D32 I2


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