Can I record high-density sEMG with the ActiveTwo system?

High density surface EMG recording with the Biosemi ActiveTwo system is described in recent publications:

  • Bradford, J. C., Tweedell, A., & Leahy, L. (2023). High-density Surface and Intramuscular EMG Data from the Tibialis Anterior During Dynamic Contractions. Scientific Data, 10(1), Article 1.

it is possible to add this functionality to an existing ActiveTwo system with a few accessories and AD box modifications. The current sEMG electrode array design separates the electrode grid from the preamp as in:

Less dense sEMG can be accomplished with an elastic fabric with electrode holders like the EEG cap stretched over a muscle.  This would need to be custom-made, but would not be expensive.

Fine wire EMG would require either spring contact adapters or safety socket leads with inline active headstage. If your fine wire electrodes will be stripped but unterminated, you need spring contacts, and if your electrodes terminate in safety sockets, you need inline adapters.

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