Can I ship multiple work orders in one box?

If you have more than one item to be repaired, we will normally issue a separate work order number for each item.  In that case, it is not necessary to ship the items to us separately.  They can be packed together, assuming you pack carefully and include the documentation we request when we send you the work order number:

  • Include the “work order number” on the package and on any documentation in the package.  If a repair is undertaken, the work order number will become the “invoice number” if the repair results in a bill for parts or services.
  • Write a note describing the problem you are having with the part and include it in the package with the part you are returning.  We need to be sure that we are focusing on the same problem that you have been experiencing to do the best job of reporting back to you on the status of the product.
  • Be sure that the note you include with the shipment references as many of the following as possible: the date of purchase, name of purchaser or customer account number.
  • Let us know the address to which repaired parts should be shipped (must be a physical address with a phone number and person’s name).

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