How do I place an order?

If you are an established customer (have ordered from us in the past) then you can order via our website. If your institution / lab have an established account but you have never communicated with us by e-mail, you may need to use the Request Info form to let us know to add you to the contact list and associate you with a particular account. It is helpful if you can provide your lab’s account number (from any quote, invoice or work order) since that helps us avoid associating you with another account at the same institution or another lab at another institution with the same PI.

Anyone can order from us by e-mail or fax when responding to a valid proposal issued by Cortech Solutions. For institutions with established credit, we accept POs with payment by check or credit card. Private companies have the option of inquiring about establishing credit (credit application) or paying by credit card or check in advance of delivery.

If your institution requires a PO for us to get paid, then you need to send us a PO to place an order. The PO should indicate the items you want to order, the prices you expect to pay, the method of payment, and the billing and shipping addresses.

If you will pay by CC or check in advance and your institution does not require a PO to pay by these means, then you can place an order in response to a written proposal by signing the proposal, confirming the shipping and billing addresses, indicating the method of payment and including payment details such as credit card number, etc. We recommend calling in your CC information to our main number, but our fax is secure, so you may fax it to us if you wish.

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